Who is Davit Gasparyan 

David Gasparyan is the President of Zero Parallel, the leading Digital Marketing Network that provides an unprecedented experience for Affiliates and Advertisers. With over fifteen years of extensive experience in the lead generation industry, David Gasparyan has been the driving force behind the success of the organization.

Back Story in Digital Marketing Sector

Davit Gasparyan  started his career in the digital and affiliate marketing sector almost fifteen years ago. At that time most of marketers and intelligent people knew the internet was the future of marketing and it was a powerful resource, but only few people had completely figured out about its potential in future of marketing.

At that time Google was was a new comer and mobile phones were only phones and there was no sign of smart phones. But in fact It was clear that there was a huge potential for marketers and people to use the internet as a marketing tool and digital marketing was a new and exciting way. Digital marketing had no limits and in that time it was an unbelievable opportunity for marketers to use this new tool to reach new horizons in marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing Sector

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most innovative ways to grow a dynamic digital business with almost no overhead. Marketers have been able to connect with merchants and publishers to open up an entirely new paradigm for connecting consumers with the goods and services they’re looking for. At the center of any affiliate marketing effort is the affiliate marketer – the individual or business that is able to successfully drive traffic and generate leads. The advertiser is often a company that is eager to take advantage of the strategies and hard work of affiliate marketers. Advertisers can pay top dollar for leads generated, as long as they fit into the advertisers’ criteria of a quality lead. While the relationship between affiliates and advertisers is simple at first glance, it becomes much more complex in practice.

Zero Parallel

Zero Parallel has become a leader in online marketing and is committed to advancing the lead generation industry by developing innovative solutions. David Gasparyan’s extensive knowledge in the space, along with his progressive nature, has proven to be his recipe for success. David’s main focus is providing a strong sense of leadership to everyone at the company. By working closely with senior management and presenting a long-term vision of the future to every employee, David ensures that the team stays focused on its biggest goals.

Future of Affiliate Marketing

While the guidance and technological advantages available from a network like Zero Parallel are a tremendous set of assets, the brunt of the work ultimately falls to the affiliates themselves to develop a winning strategy and put in the necessary work. Affiliates have to know what kind of leads advertisers are looking for, what marketing methods are most likely to succeed, and how to effectively manage the leads that they’ve generated.
Though there is plenty of hard work that falls on the shoulders of affiliates, it is worth noting that the road can be made much easier—or harder—depending on what affiliate network a marketer chooses to work with. The right affiliate network should be a perfect fit. Marketers
should feel confident with experienced advice, a reliable lead management system, and the most up-to-date data analytics available. The secret to affiliate marketing success is found by partnering with the affiliate network that can deliver all of that.