Go to your mailbox and you will most likely find a pile of messages from companies promoting their products. Right now I have received a message from Apple which opens a landing page where I can buy a new Macbook pro. This comes to prove that Apple has a list, where Davit Gasparyan is registered and I am most likely to buy their products. I can’t deny that I am fond of the products produced by Apple and they have made my life much more pleasant since I started to use them. Consequently I am a lead for Apple and I am a quality lead because I have already managed to obtain some of their products in the past. Obviously Davit Gasparyan was not the only one on Apple’s list and many people like me who are in need of quality equipments are targeted as lead, which makes it likely that sooner or later we will like to substitute our former devices with the ones produced by them. I as a lead can be really beneficial for any business in case when my needs or hobbies are targeted correctly.

In this example Apple had utilized Email for reaching Davit Gasparyan, but there is a wide range of channels as effective as the Email for targeting me such as PPC, social media, blogs website traffic. Once a specific strategy of promotion is worked out by the brand, it gets easier to attract my attention and further to capture my information for permanent updates.

I am engaged in a lot of activities and for running my all businesses successfully and without a loss of time I need quality equipments at my disposal that will never fail in processing. Those who have detected me as a lead know that and think that “Why shouldn’t Davit Gasparyan become a paying customer for us?” This landing page is already in my memory and I will hardly hesitate later over choosing another brand, because I value the user experience above all. I also appreciate this indirect approach to me, because it’s not time consuming and I will never miss any info provided by the company.

It’s crucial for any business to realize the market needs. I could never be so much positive about emails if I were targeted by a Financial Consulting Company, because I am a financist myself. Sometimes I may not be in need of some services or products, however I can be open to any kind of offer for further consideration. I would never mind to be a lead for a bookstore offering the latest bestsellers. In much cases I just think that I am not interested in a service or product. But a new nice leather chair in my office offered by a furniture producing company could sound a good idea. So like me, a lot of people are not even aware of the value of your company and services. For Apple I turned out to be an ideal client, for the bookstore an open client, and a possible client for the furniture producing company.

As a business strategist you must identify your all ideal and potential customers and create your reputation in the marketplace.